5 Types of Workwear with Embroidery

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Workwear with embroideryWhether you’re looking for workwear with embroidery, corporate shirts for your staff, personalized polo shirts for your golf team or custom business apparel for your trade show sales force, Chesapeake Business Solutions has the quality and variety you’re looking for.

Please read below for the five different types of workwear with embroidery we offer.

When You Think Corporate Apparel, Think About These Items:

1) Many people, when the term “workwear” pops up, think immediately of overalls or jumpsuits with the company’s logo branded upon them.  Wikipedia, in fact, defines “workwear” as : “clothing worn for work, especially work that involves manual labor.”

2) Some people might think that a suit and tie, or jacket and skirt suit comprise “workwear.”

3) Custom business apparel also can include uniforms, such as those worn by waitresses and waiters, busboys, hotel maids, flight attendants and airline captains, white coats (for health professionals), aprons, chefs’ coats and hats, and so on.

4) Many companies put team uniforms together made up of custom logo apparel such as polo shirts, t-shirts and more. Since these are worn when a company’s softball or pickup basketball teams play, these could be thought of as workwear, as well.

5) Other forms of workwear with embroidery could be a tie with the business’ logo embroidered upon it, caps, socks, even underwear (for a business with a sense of humor).

If it’s made of Fabric it Can Become Corporate Apparel

Additional clothing items that can be customized for your company’s brand include (but definitely are not limited to)

When it comes to workwear with embroidery, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Workwear Comes in a Variety of Fabrics

Workwear with EmbroideryCustom business apparel is made in wide range of fabrics, from easy-care cotton, to no-iron fabrics, as well as wool, polyester and even Tencel® (very durable). Whether you purchase clothing in an easy-care cotton/poly blend to the durable (some would say “almost indestructible” Teflon®-coated fabric, workwear with embroidery will last year after year, wash after wash.

Should you need help choosing what type of custom logo apparel you wish to purchase, we can help you. We’ll ask you what types of work environments the clothing will be worn in and what it will be used for (the softball team, or your janitorial staff, for example).

We’re Here to Help You Find Clothing at the Right Price

We’ve been in the business of serving Maryland and Washington, DC companies for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about which clothing vendor offers the best value and which fabrics are the most durable.

That being the case, won’t you give us a call at (800) 783-6769 so that one of our friendly and service-oriented representatives will be able to help you choose the best items that serve your needs and your budget?

We look forward to learning all about your needs for workwear with embroidery!


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