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Are you looking for unique corporate awards in Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia or DC?

Chesapeake Business carries a huge assortment of unique and fun corporate awards that will really demonstrate your thought and consideration when rewarding your employee’s hard work.

Keep reading to learn how unique awards and novelty trophies can cost you less, but mean more.

How to Make an Award Mean Something More

Most employees would be proud to receive an elegant crystal award for all their hard work, but to some employees a classy award is meaningless. You can identify these employees because awards they’ve received end up in drawers or are used as paperweights.

Fortunately, you don’t have to abandon your award system to motivate these employees—you just have to change the awards themselves.

Try appealing to their emotional side with a meaningful unique award that speaks to their individuality and accomplishments.

For example, if you want to reward an employee for outstanding leadership and really motivate them to keep up the good work, what do you think would be more meaningful:

  1. A generic trophy that reads “outstanding leadership”
  2. Or a Corinthian column trophy—identifying the employee as a “pillar of support”

Unique corporate awards really emphasize the “appreciation” in your employee appreciation gifts. When an employee receives an individualized award, they’ll recognize the thought that went into selecting it and know that they really are important to the team.

Customize Unique Trophies And Plaques To Be Seen

Another benefit to unique trophies and plaques is that they spur discussion.

When employees receive unique recognition awards they’ll want to show them off. People passing by will want to talk about them. Other employees will work hard to win one for themselves.

Before you know it, your brands name will be associated with fun and thoughtful gifts, improving the awareness and reputation of your brand in both employee and customer eyes.

Keep in mind that a unique award doesn’t have to be quirky (although they certainly can!) What makes them unique is that they speak directly to the recipient in some way. They are individualized and selected with thought and consideration.

This is what makes an award special—and this is what will motivate an employee who normally disregards trophies and plaques.

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