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Under Armour AlternativesAre you seeking custom logo Under Armour alternatives in Maryland, Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, DC or the surrounding areas?

High performance sports gear doesn’t have to carry a heavy price tag. While Under Armour is one of the most popular sports attire companies in Baltimore, you can secure high quality performance apparel for an affordable price.

Keep reading to learn more about our Under Armour substitutes and what benefits each brand has to offer!

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Explore Alternatives to Under Armour

Customers seeking Under Armour apparel are typically seeking the high performance features of this brand. Well marketed, Under Armour is known for their comfortable, sports-compatible gear.

What many customers don’t know is that other brands are available offering comparable features for a more affordable price. While Under Armour is still the best in the business, you can cut costs by exploring similar active type clothing.


Good: Core365 Better: Nike Dri-Fit Best: Under Armour

Core365 Under Armour Alternative

50% Less Than UA

Core365 by North End is one of the most affordable performance apparel options. At 50% less than Under Armour, Core365 still provides lightweight, moisture wicking features with UV protection, made from 100% polyester pique.

Nike Under Armour Alternative

25% Less Than UA

Nike delivers Dri-Fit textured apparel for 25% less than Under Armour. Great for teams and businesses, polo shirts are moisture wicking, keeping you dry. Made of 100% polyester, Nike lightweight polos won’t weigh you down. Reputable for durability and style, Nike supports your organization with style and comfort.

Under Armour Apparel

Offering the highest quality materials, Under Armour keeps you cool and dry with moisture transporting and anti-odor technology. The unique fabric keeps you comfortable all day without limiting range of motion. From athletes to business professionals, Under Armour performance gear will leave a lasting impression.


Explore some of our other Under Armour alternatives including: Sport-Tek, Adidas and Reebok.

Customizing Your Performance Apparel

There are so many easy ways to customize your athletic apparel to fit the needs and personality of your organization. From sports teams to sales teams, there is value in creating truly unique gear.

  • Sports Teams: For both on and off the field, performance gear lets you express team spirit while wicking sweat away from skin and moderating body temperature.
  • Business Uniforms: With a custom logo, employees feel like a part of the team. Uniforms are a great way to tackle dress code compliance.
  • Recreational Organizations: From your gardening club to business association, raise awareness with custom designed apparel that you can wear every day.

Whether you choose Under Armour gear or another brand of performance type clothing, we can customize any aspect. Match the colors and embroidery to that of your team or company.

One of the most identifiable features is a logo. Allowing customers to point out employees and even generate a buzz for your team or business, a custom logo makes apparel distinctive. If you don’t have a custom logo, our design team can help you create one!

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