Why the Best Recruiters Use Sorority Rush Shirts
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Sorority Rush Shirts MarylandAre you looking to improve your recruiting with sorority rush shirts in Maryland, College Park, Towson, Baltimore, DC or the surrounding college towns?

Design your own sorority rush t-shirts to encourage your chapter to be more active during the recruiting season, drawing a larger crowd of potential students to select from. By encouraging more females to come out and meet the sisters, you can deliver bids to the most deserving and worthy individuals.

Keep reading to learn how easy and fun it is to create sorority rush shirts that attract students to your informative and engaging rush events!

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How to Design a Killer Rush Shirt

Whether you go with a chic, simple design or a wild and eclectic pattern, remember that the most fundamental aspect of your rush tee is the overall message portrayed. Rush shirts are designed for two purposes:

  • Represent your sorority’s personality and character
  • Promote upcoming chapter rush events

As long as both goals are achieved, the design can truly come in any platform of your choice! One popular method is to incorporate an overall theme into rush week plans, and then visualize the theme with your customized shirt designs. Feel free to include dates and event names without the worry of these shirts becoming “outdated,” because rush shirts can be worn year round to recruit even in the off-season. Encourage your sisters to wear shirts to any sorority event throughout the semester, promoting the chapter with pride.

Why Custom Rush Shirts are Effective!

The more heads your t-shirt design turns, the more opportunity to attract stellar recruits that will carry on your sorority’s legacy. By creating custom Greek apparel your sisters are proud to wear, you are attracting like-minded individuals all over campus! Here are three ways your sisters can capitalize on sorority rush shirts to recruit the best students all over campus:

  • Talk It Up: Without having a conversation, it’s nearly impossible for other students to know that you’re in a sorority. Make it easy for other girls to learn about your chapter by simply wearing custom sorority shirts! If you really want to outshine the other sororities on campus, encourage your sisters to speak to their classes about upcoming rush events and invite them to ask any questions at the end of the lecture.
  • Numbers Matter:  A popular recruiting technique is to have the chapter wear the same rush shirts on the same day, or even throughout the same week. It can take time for students to build up the courage to approach a sister, so give them as many opportunities as possible! Maybe third time really is a charm, and now you just scored an amazing recruit.
  • Wear It Anywhere: Let’s face it, your most successful recruits won’t always happen in the classroom or even in the hallways. Encourage your sisters to wear their rush shirts all over town, from the yoga studio to local coffee shops to the grocery store. We can guarantee other students will be there, and they will immediately identify with a fellow classmate. This is a great way to attract students with common interests.

Get creative with your sorority rush t-shirts and ask sisters to submit their own designs. But don’t worry! We have a design team on staff to help bring your brilliant ideas and visions to life.

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