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If you’re looking for shipping tape, or any tape, in the Maryland, Baltimore, Virginia, DC, and NY area, then we’ve got what you need.

Keep reading to ensure you’re getting the right adhesive for your business.

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More Than Just Your Average Tape

3M Tape

This is your high performance tape. i.e. duct tape, shipping tape and the like.

Although it’s best for heavy duty stuff, it’s still recommended to have a few rolls in the simplest of offices.

You never know when you might need it.

Tape Dispenser

Tag fasteners and bag seals, as well as duct tape and book binding tape are all included in this category.

If something needs to stick for a long time, you need storage tape.

tape products

Similar to duct tape and storage tape, masking tape is a little more heavy duty than regular scotch tape.

However, it should not be used as a substitute for duct tape.

More Tape Products

In other words, glue.

Can be crazy, in a stick form, or in a glue gun. Any way you want it, we’ve got what helps you stick!

double sided tape

The standard, classic tape used for home, schools, and offices alike.

Clear, invisible, matte finish. Although, you can get it glossy and/or double sided too (which is less messy than glue, but not a substitute in all situations).

Don’t forget tape dispensers and push pins/tacks!

Where Should I Go?

Chesapeake is your one stop shop for adhesive ruler tape, shipping tape and other adhesives in the Maryland, Baltimore, Virginia, DC, and NY area.

For over 20 years Chesapeake Business has been helping business make smart promotional decisions.

Just read what some of our customers have to say!

“Thank you Chesapeake Business for helping my company choose the best looking promotional products!

All of the students that viewed our booth loved the material. They were ecstatic!”

Helen Wolfe

Baltimore, MD

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