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Does your small business need saddle stitch booklet printing in Maryland or DC?

Do you need help navigating through book printing services offered throughout Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, or points nearby?

Are you looking for unique ways to create product catalogs and manuals for your company?

If this sounds like you, read on to learn more about booklet print options, including a more common stitching style, and what to look for in a business printing service provider.

What Exactly is Saddle Stitch Printing?

Saddle Stitch Booklet Printing MD, DC, VASaddle stitch is one of the most common forms of binding for small publications.

It is ideal for booklets, calendars, pocket-sized address books or magazines, but can also be used for company manuals and product catalogs.

In saddle stitch printing, several sheets of paper are folded and the fold becomes the spine of the booklet. Then, two or more staples are inserted into the spine to hold the pages together.

Saddle stitch booklet printing in Maryland and DC is a relatively easy and inexpensive binding method, which is why it is preferred by so many businesses.

How to Determine Which Printing Options Are Right for You

When you weigh printing options, it is important to consider your audience and the type of booklet you wish to produce.

The following are just a few examples of business publications:

  • Employee manuals
  • Policy handbooks
  • Product catalogs
  • Reference manuals
  • Newsletters or pamphlets
  • Orientation guides

Your choice of binding will also depend on its size.

Maryland Saddle stitch booklet printing is ideal for non-bulky publications, but there are alternatives for thicker booklets.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to types of binding.

It may also be beneficial to consider full-color booklet printing.

Printing in color gives the finished product a more professional appearance by making it interesting, readable and memorable.

Reliable Booklet Printing Services in Maryland and DC

When designing and producing your next publication, whether you choose saddle stitch booklet printing in Maryland or a different style of binding, let Chesapeake Business Solutions Inc. help YOU.

We offer a variety of printing solutions, including:

…and more!

For over 20 years, Chesapeake Business has assisted many happy customers in and around Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, DC and points nearby with their booklet printing needs.

Our submission system makes it easy to get started and our trained experts will assist you personally every step of the way.

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