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Brandinf for UniformsPresentation truly is everything in the restaurant industry and so the uniforms for a restaurant you use for your wait and kitchen staff can have a huge impact on how the public perceives your establishment. Staff uniforms, in other words, can go a long way to creating a brand for your restaurant.

Naturally, you want to make sure your uniforms for a restaurant create the brand you want. Don’t just choose just any type of uniform shirts, pants, skirts, aprons, etc.  Take some time and give some thought to the impression you want your wait staff uniforms to evoke.

Continue reading below for more information on how uniforms for a restaurant brand your eatery.

Staff Uniforms as a Marketing Tool

Uniforms tend to make a very big impression on your patrons. After all, they see them when they’re first seated, when the busboy/hostess brings water, when the waiter takes their order, brings it to the table and, finally, when he or she brings the check.

What do you want your customers to see? Sloppy, dirty uniforms or a sharp, clean uniform, perhaps with embroidery of your restaurant’s logo upon it?

Speaking of uniforms and logos, you brand will get a good looking over even when one of your employees isn’t waiting on people. Uniform shirts worn by delivery staff and even at takeaway counters will be seen by dozens, if not hundreds of people every day. And, if your staff wear the shirts going to and from work (or while on break), they will act like “mini billboards” as your employees go about their day.

Wide Variety of Uniforms for a Restaurant

Brandinfg for UniformsStaff uniforms come in a vast array of styles and colors. You can have different uniforms for your wait staff, your busboys, even uniform shirts that are different for, as an example, waiters and your maître d.

Many uniforms also are waterproof, flame resistant, easy to care for, quite durable and, most importantly, comfortable yet flattering.

Whether you’re looking for one or two uniforms for a café or casual diner, or several dozen for an upscale establishment, Chesapeake Business Services has the uniforms and logo clothes you seek, at affordable prices.

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