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If you need quick custom label printing services in the Maryland, Annapolis, Virginia, DC, Delaware area, you’re at the right website!

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How You Can Save Time and Money
With Our Label Printing Services

Most people don’t think of label printing as an area where they can save time and money, but it can do just that.

Think of all the time you are wasting by handwriting addresses on envelopes. A minute here or there might not seem like a lot at first, but added up together, it’s probably equal to hours, days, maybe even months. Especially if you factor in large mailings or circulars.

Stop handwriting all of that information!

Of course, you could print the labels yourself, but that probably isn’t as cost effective as you may think.

For starters, most offices pay retail for their paper supplies (like labels) and for ink.

So, the cost on those, say, 1000 labels could come to a lot more than you’d expect. Additionally, you’re spending the man hours printing all those labels off.

Also, while many “all purpose” office printers have a function for printing labels, and if you pick a standard size label, you can use that function.

However, they don’t always work. Often, the tops or bottoms of the print gets cut off. It’s annoying and it’s something you will have fix before you mail. Once again, wasting  your valuable time.

Why Worry About Label Printing?

STOP!  You don’t have to worry about any of these problems when you get Chesapeake Business to handle your label printing!

Since we specialize in business and printing needs, we don’t pay retail for our supplies, and we pass that savings on to you. Plus, if you buy in bulk (although you don’t have to), there is the potential to save even more.

Remember those problems you could have with printer compatibility and unintentional cropping?

You don’t have to worry about that with us. You will always get the labels you need in the correct font, size, and color. If you need a specialized label, we can handle that for you too.

That doesn’t even include all the man hours you’ll save by letting us take care of your printing needs!

Where Should I Go For Label Printing?

You have plenty to do for your business, let us take care of your label printing!

Chesapeake Business has been servicing label printing needs in the Annapolis, Columbia, Baltimore, Maryland, and D.C. area for over 20 years.

Just read what some our clients have to say about about our services…

“I currently run a graphic design firm and for the past 5 years I have been thrown from printer to printer.

Until I found Chesapeake Business! They knew exactly what I wanted, and they were able to help me save money by finding similar colors to design.

I felt at home when working with the company. I highly recommend them to anybody!

Thank you Chesapeake Business for stopping my search!”

Gill Gibbons
Columbia, MD

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