Face It… You NEED A Purchasing/Procurement Management Specialist: Contact Chesapeake to Link Up Your Supply Chain!

At Chesapeake we believe in partnering with you to streamline your purchasing/procurement management process.

How We Can Help You Manage Your Company’s Supply Chain

As supply chain specialists, we begin by reviewing your procurement process in depth.

Using our Online Order Program, we will provide solutions which simplify the order process and gain control of both hard and soft dollar costs.

Our Online Order Partners typically display some of the following traits:

  • A management team which embraces supplier partnerships
  • A management team needing to maintain control of the purchase of everyday items while at the same time controlling their costs
  • A client requiring access to budget reports for all users
  • Clients with multiple using locations
  • Clients open to consolidating the purchase of multiple items on one purchase order
  • “Price is what you pay for the product.”
  • “Cost is what you add to price for the time invested in each step of your purchasing/procurement management process.”

How many vendors do you
currently use to purchase the following products?

How much would it…?

How much would it streamline your process if you could order ALL of these categories on one purchase order from one supplier?
Well now you can!

How much would it streamline your process if you could scan your orders into a hand held scanner, plug the scanner into your PC and upload all orders automatically, with no key strokes, to your shopping cart?
Well now you can!

How much would it help you maintain control of all purchasing procurment management process if you could track individual cost centers and upload usage reports directly from the Online Ordering Site on demand?
Well now you can!

How would you like to receive one or two Summary Invoices a month and cut one or two checks a month?
Well now you can!

How would you like to regain valuable office and warehouse space by using the Chesapeake Warehouse at no cost to you?
Well now you can!

If you would like to learn more just click here and fill out the survey. We’ll get back to you promptly to schedule a meeting to show you how we can lower your transactional procurement costs for business product.

Streamlined procurement management is just a click away!

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