Drive Brand Awareness with Promotional Car Decals
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Promotional Car DecalsAre you looking for promotional car decals in Maryland, Baltimore, DC, Virginia, or the surrounding areas?

Custom car decals allow your business, corporate organization, school, team, or club to turn a simple car window into a mobile advertisement for your brand. No more worrying about ruining car paint! Car stickers and car magnets are easy to apply and remove.

Chesapeake Business has 25 years of experience creating promotional products that drive exposure and profits. Keep reading to learn how car decals can advertise your business all day, every day.

Ready to order promotional car magnets or decals with your corporate logo? Have questions? Contact us below for more information.

Advertise on Wheels With Custom Decals, Stickers & Magnets

Using custom logo car decals as a promo tool exposes your company to new people every day. With your business’ sticker or magnet applied to a vehicle, you will catch attention from everyone who passes.

Think of all the places your employees and customers travel. Wouldn’t it be great to have them promoting your business, school, team, or corporate organization along the way?

Why Add Your Brand to Custom Car Decals?

Branded bumper stickers are great, but branded car decals can take your brand visibility to a whole new level–literally!

  • Eye Level View: When you place a promotional car sticker, magnet or decal on your window, it is higher and easier to view for those who pass by. A driver will take note of a decal in their line of vision before looking down to see a bumper sticker.
  • Easy Removal: Traditional bumper stickers are notorious for damaging paint when removed. Both car stickers and car magnets eliminate this issue. Car decals can go directly on windows and magnets can be removed effortlessly.
  • Customizable: With promotional car decals, you can create any shape, color, and size you desire. Your design doesn’t need to fit on a thin bumper. Stick it anywhere on the car!
  • On-the-Go Promotion: Cars allow you to place your decal in front of new people every day. Each mile the car drives is a new mile of exposure for your business.

Customize Car Decals for Your Business

There are nearly endless options for customizing car decals. Let your car sticker or magnet be the face of your business on wheels.

Be creative when you design your decal. If you’re a flower shop, create a car magnet in the shape of a bouquet filled with color and life. Are you a bank? Design a full-color window decal in the shape of a dollar bill.

Feel free to turn your corporate logo into a car sticker or car magnet as well. Chesapeake Business can help you design an attention grabbing, full color, custom shaped promotional car decal that people won’t forget.

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We are happy to help design the perfect car decal for your needs. With 25 years of experience in the Maryland, Baltimore, DC, and Virginia area, Chesapeake Business has the resources and experience to help your business do more business. Contact us today!


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