Brand Building with Promotional Car Accessories
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Promotional Car AccessoriesSearching for promotional car accessories in Baltimore, Maryland, DC, Virginia or the surrounding areas to promote your business or organization?

With your custom logo imprinted on accessories for cars, your brand will be exposed to new customers all over the road. Let your employees and customers market your business each time they drive with branded car accessories.

Keep reading to learn about the fun and effective promotional tools your business, school, club or team can use to supercharge your brand’s exposure!

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Promotional Auto Accessories: Functional and Fun

There are endless options for customizing promotional products to fit your brand image, and Chesapeake Business delivers the perfect product platforms for design.

Maximize the effectiveness of your promotional tools with products consumers really want.

Great Variety of Promotional Products for Vehicles

Promotional car accessories enhance traveling comfort and ease while increasing your brand awareness. Choose from any of these products to start advertising today:

  • Windshield Shades: Protect the interior of automobiles and prevent overheated vehicles with a windshield shade embedded with your custom logo
  • Air Fresheners: Everyone loves a car that smells great! Choose from hanging, vent stick, gel drop, and logo mounted custom air fresheners with your business name
  • Antenna Toppers: Turn your corporate logo or mascot into an antenna ball that travels wherever the vehicle goes
  • Car Decals: Customize car decals, stickers, and magnets that grab attention with your business information
  • Phone Chargers: We could all use a little more power! Embed your company logo and website on the end of a phone charger that customers will see every time they plug it in

Increase Brand Exposure with Car Accessories

Why does advertising with car accessories work? It increases your advertising visibility every day, and all over the country.Promotional Car Accessories

Products inside the car are exposed to drivers each day. When you embed your corporate logo and business information on air fresheners and phone chargers, consumers are reminded of your brand each time they see and reach for these products.

Products outside the car drive expose your brand each mile the car travels. Antenna toppers and car decals remain visible at all times and catch the eyes of people who pass by. Even windshield shades will draw attention with your corporate logo on a sunny day.

Promotional auto accessories work because they fulfill the needs of consumers. People are happy to advertise your business when you equip them with functional accessories and tools for their vehicle.

Find Great Promotional Car Accessories with Chesapeake Business

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Speak with a representative today about ordering the most effective custom logo automobile accessories for your business. Chesapeake Business has an exceptional variety of car accessories and 25 years of experience. Don’t have a logo? No worries, we’ll help you design one.

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