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Are you thinking about purchasing promotional bags in Maryland – specifically, Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, and DC – but you need more information?

Are you not sure what your options are?

Don’t know about about pricing or the usual quantity sizes?

Don’t worry, just continue reading this article and you will find all of your answers.

How Do I Choose The Right Products?

While creating your promotional products marketing campaign, it’s important that you have a diverse amount of products to meet a variety types of audiences.

Yes, it’s important to have a targeted audience in mind when creating your promotional merchandise package – but you just don’t know what types of events might pop up.

An excellent way to diversify your campaign is to add promotional bags into the mix. If you want to add something else, promotional pens are a great add.

From totes, drawstrings, backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags, to duffel bags – it’s hard to decide exactly what you might need.

You could go ahead and do this yourself, but having a professional help you always makes the task easier.

Ask yourself these two questions, and you’ll be on your way to figuring out what type of bags you need:

  1. What Is My Budget? Knowing your budget is important. This affects the quantity, type of material, and other aspects of the buying pricing. Always find out how much your are willing to spend.
  2. Who Will Be Using The Bags? If you are operating a gym – it’s probably your best bet to purchase custom gym bags (dufflel bags). Always think who the end user is! You don’t want to spend money on promotional bags and have them sitting in somebody’s closet.

After answering these two questions just contact your nearest promotional products supplier – they will be glad to help.

Usually after this process, the supplier will look at your budget and help you choose the type of material that you would like to use – canvas bags, green bags (reusable bags, mesh bags, or nylon bags.

So, What Is The Average Cost?

Since there is a lot to customize, you need to analyze each product within their own category. Below are just a few of the more popular ones:


Tote Bags extremely popular! They have great versatility and look great. Additionally, they are great for the environment. Expect to find them in the price range of $.88 – $7.00.
Buy Tote Bags in Bulk!

Drawstrings & Backpacks

Drawstrings backpacks are great for students. It provides them the opportunity be simple with their books throughout their campus’. Expect to find them in the price range of $1.20 – $10.00

Briefcases & Laptop Cases

This is always a hit for young professionals! Expect to find them in the price range of $1.99 – $15.99  Learn More About Briefcases!


Gym’s and corporations love to give these away. It promotes a healthy living! Expect to find them in the price range of $5.75 – $16.00

This Is A Great Idea! I’m Ready.

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