Print Management Console for Windows XP
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Have you ever wondered how a print management console for Windows XP can simplify operations in your office in Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia or Washington DC?

The truth is, managed print is all the rage among small businesses and organizations.

Chesapeake Business Solutions has been helping businesses like yours for over 20 years manage their printing operations.

We understand that consolidating tasks, routine maintenance and installation can actually save administrators money and precious time.

If you’re ready to increase efficiency in your workplace, keep reading to discover five ways a print management console for Windows XP might be the cure you need.

1. Control Settings

Instead of manually configuring each individual printer, administrators can actually modify a whole fleet’s printing preferences from a central location on the Windows XP operating system.

Customizable settings include:

  • Paper type
  • Model number
  • Color options
  • Layout
  • Drivers

2. Control Sharing

Often, a network will support multiple users at once.

The print management console for Windows XP provides administrators the ability to control sharing permissions for all users.

Sharing can be restricted to one user or extended to a whole group.

Depending on the permission level, a user can:

  • Control one’s own documents
  • Oversee all pending projects and printing histories of a specific group
  • Modify settings as necessary

3. Control Print Queues

Print queue monitoring is another useful feature of fleet management software programs.

Users with access to this tool can view and edit pending print jobs by:

  • Pausing printing
  • Deleting jobs
  • Re-ordering the queue

This is particularly useful in the event that a specific document is required immediately.

4. Control Drivers

Drivers are programs that allow external hardware devices to communicate with a computer.

Printers, fax machines, and multi-function units all require drivers to process jobs.

Using a print management console for Windows XP, network administrators can install new drivers on the system as more printers are added.

They can also remove or replace existing drivers, and look at the driver properties.

5. Control Alerts

You can program managed print software to send automatic alerts to users when errors occur or when supplies are low.

Some programs are capable of creating purchase orders and billing records, thus accelerating the procurement process.

Additionally, when faulty equipment threatens to slow your business down, the web-based platform will put you in immediate touch with technical professionals.

Keep Up With New Technologies with Chesapeake Business Solutions

Navigating the world of emerging innovations – like online print software – can be confusing

So, to avoid getting left behind, many local companies are turning to managed print companies.

Chesapeake Business Solutions has developed a reputation as a preferred provider of print management for organizations in Maryland and Washington DC.

The team will be happy to advise you how you can cut costs by up to 30%, reduce your environmental impact, and boost productivity in the workplace.

Whether you need print auditing or automated fleet maintenance, the latest print management console for Windows XP can handle any load.

In fact, our software is flexible enough to run on any system including Windows 7 and OS X.

Are you ready to get started?

If you’re a business situated in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, and beyond, and you have questions about managed print, contact us today at 1-800-783-6769 or fill out our online form.

Feel free to also browse through our assortment of promotional products, office supplies and business forms.

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