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If you’d like to really impress employees and customers who love golf, PING clothes make the best gifts or giveaways!

ping polo clothesLook to Chesapeake Business Solutions to be your go-to provider of wholesale PING shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and other apparel

Continue reading below for more information on why PING clothes are great to giveaway as gifts, to use for your company’s employee sports teams and/or to use to promote your company.


Don’t Get Sticky, Get PING

PING clothes are stylish and look great even off of the links and are appropriate apparel for a business’ casual Fridays, and the wrinkle-resistant properties of the collection make them great for traveling, whether for business or pleasure.

  • The PING Performance line has become known for its terrific moisture wicking properties as well as its UV protection and its ability to resist wrinkles – all the better to look calm and cool during a summer golf game no matter what the temperature or humidity.
  • The PING Weather line offers clothing that’s water resistant and water repellant.
  • PING golf shirts also come in more fitted styles for women.

So, if you want to stay cool and represent your company in style, then PING clothing is sure to help you do both.

5 Reasons PING Clothes Make Great Giveaways

ping polo clothesWant to know what makes PING clothes the perfect company giveaway? Well, here are 5 great reasons!

  1. Golfers the world over know and love PING clothes. Present PING apparel to a prospect whom you know loves to golf and he or she will know you’ve “done your homework.” Always impressive.
  2. PING apparel looks terrific with your company’s logo or name embroidered upon it. Anyone who wears the clothing becomes a walking billboard for your brand.
  3. PING clothes last a long time, meaning that the wearer will think of you again and again and again and again during the long life of the garment every time he or she wears it.
  4. Because PING clothes last for such a long time, your return on your marketing/branding investment becomes quite low, if not miniscule.
  5. PING golf shirts come in a great variety of styles and colors colors. You can order them wholesale in solids or stripes. The choice – as always – is yours.

Order PING Clothes Today

Are you ready to wow your clients, employees and prospects with the gift of PING apparel? Your recipients will be touched by your thoughtfulness, will appreciate your good taste, and will think of you every time someone compliments them on the golf shirts or golf hats you presented to them.

If you’re unsure which PING golf shirts to order, give one of our customer service representatives a call at (800) 783-6769) to discuss your needs. No order is too large or too small – contact us today!

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