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Personalized Clipboards Maryland

Are you in need of promotional products and are considering personalized clipboards in Maryland, Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, or DC?

Chesapeake Business Forms & Advertising Specialties, LLC, is a Maryland-DC area company that ships nationwide and supplies the best promotional products at competitive prices.

Nothing sells your name like promotional giveaway items, for either employees or customers.

Clipboards are great products for branding—useful, cheap, and very visible.

We always order our personalized clipboards in Maryland to save you money, providing the quantity of promotional items you need at a cost you can afford.

If you would like information on our other promotional products or services, such as business legal forms or our print management services, then please click on the links for further details.

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Personalized Clipboards in Maryland

Metal Clipboard Maryland

Clipboards are overlooked heroes of the business world.

From tracking inventory, to taking notes, to organization, they are a part of day to day use for most businesses.

They also present a very large area prime for putting a logo or company name. Each clipboard is a functioning commercial!

This means that personalized metal clipboards or plastic clipboards, branded to your standards, and a great way to promote for companies.

We order our clipboards in bulk, direct from the factories, to ensure you get the best marketing returns on your dollar.

These relatively cheap clipboards still maintain high quality standards, and come customized or monogrammed for business promotional needs.

Range of styles that we offer:

  • Letter Size Clipboard
  • Biodegradable Clipboards
  • Plastic Clipboard with Metal Clip
  • Transparent Clipboards
  • Metal or Aluminum Clipboard
  • Acrylic Clipboard
  • Windsor Reflections Clipboard

Get Your Custom Plastic Clipboards & Metal Clipboards

Plastic Clipboard Maryland

Regardless of your industry, you must have visibility of your businesses name and brand in order to receive new leads.

Whether you give these items to employees or customers, our wholesale promotional clipboards can ensure that many pairs of eyes see your logo, multiple times a day.

It is beyond a useful item; it is advertising that pays for itself!

The Next Step

When you’re ready promote your company with our large selection of personalized clipboards in Maryland, contact your local promotional products supplier today.

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Chesapeake Business Forms & Advertising Specialties, LLC has been operating in the Maryland area for over 20 years. Let us show you how our experience can promote your business.

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