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Are you looking for custom perpetual plaques in Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia or DC?

There is no better way to showcase your company’s long history of achievement than with perpetual awards. You can use them to recognize top performers, or simply to build your brand’s authority when potential clients walk through your door.

Keep reading to learn how Chesapeake Business’ wide variety of perpetual corporate awards can help motivate your team to perform its best, while building the authority of your brand.

What Is A Perpetual Plaque?

Perpetual plaques and trophies are awards that are presented repeatedly. They contain plates or a base, which can be engraved with new recipients’ names. Overtime a perpetual award’s list of recipients will display a history of your company’s top performers.

One of the most famous perpetual trophies is the Stanley Cup, presented to the championship team in the National Hockey League each season.

At the end of each championship game, the winning team’s name (including player and coaches names) is engraved on the cup. Over 100 years later, more than 2,200 different names are engraved on the Stanley Cup, painting a picture of the best NHL teams, players and coaches throughout the history of the league.

Inspire Your Employees to Achieve

While employees love the recognition they receive from individual awards, they’ll be motivated work even harder to see their name on a perpetual award.

An individual award may be taken home, put in a drawer, used as a paperweight, and eventually forgotten about. A perpetual award, on the other hand, will be proudly displayed in your place of business for everyone to see for years to come.

Simply having a blank perpetual corporate award in your office can inspire competition among employees to get their name on the award. They’ll want their hard work to be recognized as a part of the company’s history.

Once an employee sees their name engraved, they’ll be hooked and do it what it takes to win the award again and again. This kind of friendly competition for employee recognition spurs growth and motivation across all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Let Your Accolades Make A First Impression On Potential Clients

What better way to establish the authority of your brand to potential clients, than to showcase your company’s history of achievement with a large perpetual plaque?

When a client enters your business and is greeted with a perpetual plaque, it will show them that your employees’ work is not only effective—it’s award worthy! Clients will be more likely to trust a brand with heavily awarded employees (even if the awards are presented in-house).

Likewise, a perpetual plaque with year’s worth of names demonstrates your company’s lasting power, reliability, and reputation.

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