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If you’re searching for the classic look in your company clothing, look no further than IZOD apparel.

izod custom apparelCustom company IZOD polo shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and even pants are the epitome of preppy cool – or just plain old, timeless classic clothing. IZOD’s clean lines and well-made construction is always fashionable because it tends to stay above the flash of the newest clothing “trend of the moment.”

Read below for six “fun facts” about how the IZOD apparel came to personify the“form, function, and fashion” look.


The 1930s-’70s: The Height of Preppy Style Before it was “Cool”

izod apparelAs popular as IZODapparel is today, it started out as a very “old school” fashion.  Here are six fun facts about IZOD’s history:

  1. According to Wikipedia.org, IZODgot its start in the 1930s when the David Crystal Company was looking for a name for its high-quality menswear. An executive with the company approached Jack Izod, a well-known tailor inLondon, about purchasing the rights to his name.After agreeing, the A.J. IZODof London clothing line came to America in 1938.
  2. The company licensed a Lacoste shirt and added it to the line in 1952. But at $8 a pop, the shirt was considered too expensive…until the company started giving the shirt to the likes of well dressed and high profile figures like Bing Crosby, John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  3. The shirts quickly became known as IZODLacoste and then either just IZODor Lacoste, finally becoming most widely known as IZOD.
  4. The preppy look (polo shirt, flat-front khaki pants, plaid capris and walking shorts, button-down shirts, etc.) was considered a boring and dull style…until Lisa Birnbach wrote the Official Preppy Handbook in 1980. The book took a loving, but definitely tongue-in-cheek look at “preppies” (usually considered at the time to be old-money, WASP, fuddyduddy society members).
  5. The prep look’s simplicity spoke to many people tired of the over-the-top glam of fashion of the 1970s and early ’80s and thus the style took off – as did the sale of IZODpolo shirts!
  6. While the “prep look” has died down somewhat from its height in the mid- to late-1980’s, the look is still a staple in fashion circles today. IZODoffers a wide variety of clothing items, from the aforementioned polo shirts, to jackets, sweaters, pants (even jeans), and much more custom apparel.

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