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If you’re thinking of holding a party celebrating Halloween at the office in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, then you’ve come to the perfect place for some great tips on Halloween office party ideas.

Halloween is no longer a holiday that is just for kids. Adults wearing Halloween costumes to work and holding parties at home as well as at the office isn’t unusual (and it’s often something that should be encouraged to boost workplace unity).

Keep reading to find 8 great tips for outfitting your office for a holiday everyone will remember for years to come.

8 Great Tips for Halloween at the Office!

Halloween is an excellent holiday for more than just dressing up as goblins, ghouls, and ghosts. An office party is an excellent way to encourage creativity and teamwork amongst your employees. Follow these 8 tips for creating a fun-filled party that your employees will smile about for a long time.

  1. Perhaps one of the simplest best things to do for Halloween at the office in Maryland is to hold a candy corn counting contest. Fill a large jar (with lid, to keep folks from eating the candy too soon…) and ask people to guess how many candy corn pieces are inside. Announce the winner at your party…and then open the jar for candy corn eating!
  2. Possibly one of the best Halloween decorating ideas for the office is the “decoration” of the costumes employees will wear. You’ll definitely want to hold a best-costume contest. Include categories such as scariest, funniest, most original, etc.
  3. You also could hold a “best Halloween decorations” contest. Let each department or office, or even individual cubicle decorate its space in its Halloween best (keeping in mind that the decorations remain office-appropriate). Announce the winner at the Halloween party.
  4. As for Halloween decorations for the office and the party, consider putting up cardboard spiders, witches, Jack-o-Lanterns.
  5. And speaking of Jack-o-Lanterns, one of the best ideas for Halloween at the office is to have a pumpkin-carving contest. You can provide pumpkins in your lunch room and/or break rooms or encourage employees to bring carved pumpkins from home. You could judge the best Jack-o-Lanterns at the company party.
  6. Ask employees to bring Halloween-themed candies, dessert and food for a brunch during your Halloween celebration.
  7. Possibly the most important thing you should remember as you plan a company Halloween party is that you’ll be doing so at work. Aim to keep Halloween at work as “professional” as possible.
  8. With professionalism in mind, when you send out the invitation/memo about the party you might want to give a short “dress code” reminder (no revealing outfits, no costumes that could get caught in machinery, no costumes that could “frighten” visitors to the office because of bad taste, etc.)

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