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Are you looking for office desk organizers, desk pad calendars, or other funky desk accessories, in Maryland, DC, Annapolis, Columbia, Baltimore or the surrounding area?

Chesapeake Business carries hundreds of unique desk accessories that can be customized with your corporate logo for use in your office or at promotional events and tradeshow giveaways.

Keep reading to find the desk accessories that are right for you! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us today and we’ll find it for you.


Endless Styles of Workspace and Office Desk Organizers

So you finally got your executive office chairs and the best office computer desk, now you just need some fun, funky desk accessories to round out your workspace look.

Not only can cool desk accessories liven up your workspace by adding personality, they also keep you organized; which helps you work smarter, not harder.

You will probably need different types of desk accessories and workspace organizers depending on the work you do.

If you’re shopping for your whole office, remember that means not everyone will need the exact same thing (and we have no minimum order), so ask around, get a list, and ensure your employees have the organizers and accessories they need to boost their productivity.

Or, take a look at the different workspace organizers that are available, and use the tips to help you decide.

Desk organizers (or desk tidies) keep things on your desk tidy, so everything always has a place. Paper clips, rubber bands, and post-its all have their own spot, making it easy to find what you need when you need it. Our modern desk accessories even have spots for thumb drives!

funky desktop accessories

A Desk Pad not only protects the surface of your desk, but also provides a surface to jot down notes, keep track of important lists, and the like. There are many options to choose from, including clear ones with pocket inserts.

Don’t wait for Christmas to get desk calendars. Get the one you need – whether its a daily planner or one with monthly task lists. Keep track of important dates in the way that works best for you. Personalize it to match your other funky desk accessories! Of course, you could combine some desk accessories to save space. A desk pad calendar is great for that.

more funky desktop accessories

A desk pen holder is sort of a staple. We don’t know anyone that doesn’t use pens, and doesn’t want them to be handy (not rolling around in the desk).

great desktop accessories

Finally, an office desk organizer is another workspace organizer that can vary from person to person and position to position. There are wall racks for those that handle a lot of files going back and forth. There are desk drawer organizers for those that need and use calculators, labels, notebooks, etc.

Where Should I Go For Desktop Accessories

Chesapeake has been offering funky, unique and cute desk accessories and workspace organizers in the Annapolis, Columbia, Baltimore, MD, and DC area for over 20 years!

So whether you are a business located in Alexandria, Arlington, or Albuquerque–we can offer you with desktop accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.

We have been providing exceptional service to customers around the country for years.

Take a look at what they have to say.

The Best Service…

“I’m a 10 year satisfied customer for Chesapeake Business. I am ecstatic of the personalize service that they always give me.

Everyone in my company is always greeted with respect and sincerity – they are extremely friendly.

Thank you Chesapeake for the great service. Let’s do 10 more!”

Robert Hanes, Baltimore, MD

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