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Custom Fraternity Rush Shirts MarylandAre you looking for affordable custom fraternity rush shirts in Maryland, Towson, Baltimore, College Park, DC or the neighboring areas?

When rush week rolls around, campus starts buzzing with excitement and anticipation for new recruits. One of the most successful rush campaigns is advertising your fraternity with custom rush shirts, turning your brothers into walking billboards that showcase your personality and values.

Keep reading to learn how easy it is to design your own custom fraternity rush t-shirts and get tips to increase your odds of successful recruiting!

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Why Custom Rush Apparel Works

Marketing your fraternity’s rush week can come in many forms: sending an email blasts to lists of interested students, canvassing your campus classrooms with postcards, or even hanging schedules in common grounds on campus.

But one method of rush marketing is especially successful, and that’s rush shirts! Why? There are endless reasons why brothers wearing custom fraternity apparel attract more potential recruits than alternative methods:

  • Open the Discussion: If students are interested in your fraternity, they may have questions to ask. Being able to identify a student in that particular fraternity makes it easier to approach and get the answers they seek.
  • Power in Numbers: Of course these shirts can be worn any day, but organizing mass “uniform” days really show the presence of your group on campus. Have all brothers wear their shirts on the same day to make yourselves known.
  • Showcase Values: T-shirts are like a blank canvas, giving you the power to build a complete representation of your fraternity in apparel form. Using fraternity colors and highlighting chapter values can attract like-minded students.
  • Wear Anytime, Anywhere: Seriously, rush shirts can be worn anytime and any place to continuously recruit year round. Working out, grocery shopping, grabbing lunch and just attending class are all opportunities for brothers to proudly represent your chapter. They can also be worn at fraternity fundraising events, making it easy for guests to identify you.

How to Design Your Own Greek Rush Shirts

Designing your customized rush shirts is fun and easy with us, taking a weight off your rush chair’s shoulders. If any brothers are artistic or savvy with graphic design, ask if they’d be interested in designing your shirts!

If not, our design team is right here to walk you through the process. We can quickly and easily help you create personalized fraternity event shirts from scratch. Just give us a call to get started.

Selecting Your Apparel

Fraternity rush shirts don’t have to be boring and basic. Think outside the box and design a product your brothers will proudly wear, including custom apparel like:

  • Short Sleeve Tees
  • Long Sleeve Tees
  • Pocket Tees
  • Sleeveless Tees
  • Moisture Wicking Tees
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Baseball Caps & Snapbacks

We carry an assorted collection of manufacturers including Nike, Ralph Lauren, Under Armour and more. If you have a specific brand in mind, just let our design team know.

The only limitation is your own creativity, so give us a call today to start turning heads and scoring killer recruits!

Interested in designing custom swag for your rush events like pens, sunglasses, cozies and more? Click here to learn more about customizing promotional products for your fraternity rush week.

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