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Every Door Direct MailAre you looking for Every Door Direct Mail Printing in Maryland, Baltimore, DC, Virginia, or the surrounding areas?

Every Door Direct Mail is a USPS service that allows you target new customers by location. Allow Chesapeake Business and USPS to take care of the hard work by designing a printed marketing campaign and delivering it to local consumers.

Keep reading to learn how direct mail companies, with USPS, are the key to attracting new customers for your business!

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Direct Mail Business Solutions

Ever wonder how your business could reach new customers during every marketing campaign?

Now you can! USPS now offers a service called Every Door Direct Mail, and the name speaks for itself. Allow Chesapeake Business to design your marketing advertisement, and then have it sent direct to door for up to 5,000 houses a day per ZIP code.

Need some mailing ideas to start driving traffic? USPS has some great tips to get your started:

  • Create a Birthday or Anniversary Club
  • Hold a Customer Appreciation Sale
  • Send out a Coupon of the Month
  • Start a Company Newsletter
  • Remind Customers to Come Back In!

Never buy a mailing list again! All you have to do is decide what neighborhoods you want to target, and the rest is done for you.

How Much Does Every Door Direct Mail Cost?

The greatest feature of Every Door Direct Mail printing is that you get to decide on the budget! There are numerous features that your company can optimize to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Looking to reach more customers? Design a your postcard in smaller sizes and increase the volume that will be delivered.

Really want to WOW new customers? Create a full color design that includes coupons and full listing of your business’ services.

Chesapeake Business works with your business to find out exactly what you need. The cost is completely up to you! We will work with any budget to make sure you reach new customers using the USPS Every Door Direct Mailing services.

Why Mail your Advertising Campaign

Direct mail companies allow you to reach new customers that you normally wouldn’t have access to. With Chesapeake Business, you can create a vivid and informative marketing design that really catches consumers’ attention.

Designing a full color image that is delivered to customers’ mail allows your eye-popping design to stand out among the handful of white envelopes. Your campaign will be the first piece of mail read.

Direct mail is an affordable marketing technique that doesn’t limit your creativity. Are you a new restaurant? Mail your menu along with some coupons to drive in new traffic. New store in the area? Deliver your newsletter, store map, or upcoming calendar of events.

The possibilities are endless with direct mail advertising campaigns.

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Chesapeake Business has over 25 years of experience designing the perfect marketing and promotional products for businesses in Maryland, Baltimore, DC and Virginia. Start reaching new customers today with an eye-catching marketing design delivered effortlessly through USPS.


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