Employee Merchandise To Match Your Budget
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Employee giftsReward your employees with gifts and other items that show them how much you care!
Chesapeake Business Solutions has an incredible array of great employee merchandise for businesses in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

No matter what kind of staff appreciation gifts you seek for your workers we can help you select the employee merchandise you need for any budget. So, whether you’re searching for gifts for your sales team who exceeded expectations, your line staff for going above and beyond their duties, or your managers/executives who have been shining this past season, we can help you!

Keep reading below to find some tips on how to create and manage a recognition program at your company.

Drive Your Business With Incentives

As you design a recognition program, you’ll want to be sure you do so based on efforts that actually improve or grow your business – such as more sales, increased production, better customer retention, etc.

Read the four tips below to help make your employee recognition program stand out!

  1. Clearly lay out the behavior or actions your employees will need to display in order to receive recognition!

Be sure to make the objectives as track-able as possible. For example, if you want employees to improve production, tell them how many widgets they need to create each week or month, or how many new clients your sales team needs to win, and so on.

  1. Once you’ve settled on what will be measured, decide on how you’ll reward employees for meeting – and beating – your goals.

Will you give them employee merchandise? If so, what kind? Will top sales people, for example, win a new laptop bag, or will all sales personnel who meet goal receive a gift, with no one receiving something better than any other?

  1. You’ll also want to consider incentive gifts that pop up for employees throughout the goal process. Give awards for meeting small goals. Present time-oriented goals, such as most new clients won in a month, per quarter, per year, etc.

Presenting employees with gifts or awards immediately as well as over time will help keep excitement and interest high in the recognition program.

  1. One last thing to remember! Reward employee merchandise that your workers will want to receive.

Offering a set of golf clubs as the top incentive to your salespeople will excite some people but may leave others uninterestsed. You’ll want to make the top prize a memorable one, or perhaps even provide a selection of prizes, rather than just one.

Employee Merchandise for Every Employee and Every Budget

Golf bag gifts for employeesWhether you’re looking for incentives, anniversary gifts to mark workers’ tenure, staff appreciation gifts, holiday gifts, or even corporate gifts for your clients, Chesapeake Business Solutions is the place to turn to.

Your personal sales representative will help you pick out the perfect gift for your business! We can offer you a terrific variety of unique gift ideas for Maryland companies – from customized key chains, to embossed chocolate gifts, to golf accessories, to custom briefcases, and more.

Our commitment to quality service, quick turnaround, and customer satisfaction has been key to our success in the last 20 years. Now, let us help you keep your employees happy!

Give us a call at (800) 783-6769 and let us know what kind of incentive program you’re considering, what your budget is and what your employees might enjoy and we’ll be happy to come up with a great variety of employee gift ideas for your firm.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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