Customized Lip Balm
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Are you looking for customized lip balm in Marlyland, Virginia, or DC?

Just because the weather is frightful doesn’t mean that business stops.

Think about the havoc that the winds and cold weather of Maryland and DC can play on your skin and you’ll see why custom lip balm is something that just about anyone can appreciate.

With lip balm wrapped in custom labels, you let people know that you care about them by giving them a promotional item that lets you stand out against your competitors.

In Baltimore, Silver Spring, Columbia and other cities throughout the area, business owners from all different kinds of sectors are looking for fun, unique ways to get their customers to remember them.

In your case, something unique and useful, like customized lip balm, is just what you need to make your customers smile.

Protect Your Customers’ Lips with Personalized Chapstick

Customized Lip Balm Maryland, DCWhen you step out during the winter months, you always bundle up to protect yourself from the cold, right?

Jacket, hat, gloves, eyewear; you protect every inch of your body from the elements, but most of us forget to protect our lips from being dried out by the cold weather until it actually happens.

Keep that from happening to your customers by giving them wholesale lip balm covered in your company’s logo.

Hand them out anywhere people are in the cold for long periods of time; places like football games, public parks, school campuses.

By giving people something that is especially useful to them during the colder months of the year with your custom lip balm labels on them, your company’s name will be on their minds and lips as someone who looked out for them.

You Can Use Variety to Your Advantage

SPF Lip Balm Maryland, DCThe beauty of customized lip balm isn’t just that it’s useful, but that it comes in all sorts of flavors as well.

That way, you can guarantee that there is something for everyone, no matter how diverse their tastes might be.

Besides traditionally flavored lip balm like mint and vanilla, you can also get great flavors like Tahitian Tangerine and Blue Raspberry, just to name a couple!

Another great thing is that you don’t have to reserve handing out bulk chapstick as a promotional item for when it’s cold out, because there’s a range of SPF lip balm that’s just as varied as the traditional stuff.

Your customers can hit the beaches, amusement parks and every other fun place under the sun knowing that their lips are protected from burns. With your lip balm labels on the stuff that they use, they’ll know exactly who to thank!

Order Wholesale, Help People, Get Your Name Out There and Save!

Wholesale Lip Balm Maryland DCHere at Chesapeake Business Solutions, we specialize in unique and fun promotional products to advertise your business.

Buying Maryland customized lip balm in bulk will help you reach countless numbers of people while allowing you to save money at the same time.

Getting your name out there has never been easier with our competitive pricing, fast delivery time and wide range of products available for you to give out to your customers.

Get in touch with us today for your order of bulk lip balm by calling us at
800-784-6769 or contacting us online and we’ll help you set up your order right away!

We have served business owners in Annapolis, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Columbia, and other areas all throughout Maryland DC since 1988, so contact us today and let us know how we can help you with custom lip balm.

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