Advertising with a Custom Windshield Shade
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Custom Windshield ShadeAre you looking for a custom windshield shade in the Maryland, Baltimore, DC and Virginia area to promote your business?

Windshield shades are the perfect way to promote your business, school, club or team with any automobile. You can literally guarantee your business is promoted in new places everyday!

Continue reading to learn how Chesapeake Business can help you create promotional car sun shades that people actually use.

Interested in ordering promotional windshield shades with your logo? Do you have more questions? Contact us below to speak with a sales rep.

Multiple Benefits of a Customizing Windshield Shades

Custom sun visors and windshield shades have the potential to help promote your business any place where cars park. Recipients of your shades will be happy to help promote because the product is so functional and great at keeping the heat out of their automobiles.

Advertising Benefits

If you are looking for a promotional product in the Maryland, Baltimore, DC and Virginia area, custom sun shades for cars are the product for you. They are especially great during the warm weather seasons.

Sun visors are a product that customers will really use, and they will promote your business, school, club, or team every time it’s used.

With promotional car sun shades, your business will be in the public eye on every sunny day. If you’re ready to start turning heads with your custom logo windshield shades, give us a call today!

User Benefits

We have all experienced a blistering heat wave after returning to our car on a hot day. The best way to prevent scorching seats and interior automobile damage is to use a windshield shade.

When your employees or customers place your promotional car sun shade in their windshield, they will promote your company while preventing:

  • Overheated Vehicles
  • UV damage to dashboards
  • Blistering seats and steering wheels
  • Leather damage
  • Skin burns from heat

In other words—they’ll want to use it!

Designing your Promotional Sun Shade

Your business has quite a few ways to create a great automobile windshield shade. Chesapeake Business has a variety of sun visor options to choose from:

  • Full Color Images
  • Collapsible Shades
  • Dual Panel Shades
  • Spring Loop Shades
  • Shades with Carry Pouch

Check out our variety here.

Deciding on what to display on your promotional car sun shades? Have a logo? Send it our way! Need help with a logo? Our designers can help you find the best way to promote your business. Get started by designing your custom logo windshield shades with your:

  • Business Name
  • Custom Logo
  • Corporate Phone Number
  • Company motto or tag line

Be creative! Windshield shades are great for businesses, schools, clubs, and teams. Make sure your customers and fans are sharing your business everywhere they go. And please, let us know how we can help!

Contact Us Today!

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Chesapeake Business has 25 years of experience in helping businesses create attention-grabbing promotional products. We look forward to helping you create your custom windshield shades.


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