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Continue reading to learn more about the evolution of athletic uniforms over the past century.


From 1900-2000: The Evolution of Athletic Uniforms

Baseball Uniform Fun Facts:

  • Before 1900, according to, uniforms were made of wool flannel or a blend of wool and cotton.  In addition, the creation of synthetic fibers (like nylon) helped clear the way for what would eventually become the double-knit fabrics so popular with teams in the 1970s. These were lighter, cooler and much more comfortable than wool flannel!
  • The Washington Nationals were the first team to display the team’s name on their shirt (1905).
  • The advent of color television in the 1960s pushed teams to go with brighter, more colorful custom uniforms.

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Soccer Uniform Fun Facts

  • reports that England’s King Henry VIII was possibly the first person to have clothing made specifically for sport: a listing in the “Great Wardrobe” included a reference to “a pair of football boots.”
  • “Footballboots”,the colored shirts that were utilized to differentiate between teams emerged from the fields of early English public school football matches.
  • Shorts started appearing in the 1970s and ’80s with the player’s number on the front.
  • Baggy shorts came in to use when the 1991 FA Cup Finalists, the Tottenham Hotspurs, players lined up in long, exceedingly loose-fitting shorts.

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Basketball Uniform Fun Facts:

A article reports that:

  • Basketball uniforms weren’t even used until the 1920s, when uniforms were made up of padded shorts and a wool jersey.
  • Jersey knit materials were used starting in the 1930s.
  • Shorts were very long at first, then shortened considerably in the 1970s to the ’80s, before gradually lengthening in the 1990s to the long and baggy styles we are familiar with today.

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Softball Uniform Fun Facts

Another article reports that:

  • Softball started out as an indoor version of baseball for men.
  • The first documented appearance of a custom uniform (or any uniform for that matter) was that worn by the Kids and Kubs (a team of male softball players aged 75 and older), that toured the U.S. in suits (as in suits for work).
  • “Women started forming teams and designing uniforms in 1895, as leagues formed to take up the new female interest in the sport,” the article added.

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Football Uniform Fun Facts

Custom football uniforms in Maryland

  • reports that the very first intercollegiate football game was played between Rutgers and Princeton universities in 1869 (Rutgers won).
  • The NFL often reserves a range of  uniform numbers  for certain positions:
    • Quarterbacks, punters and placekickers get numbers 1–19.
    • Running backs and defensive backs get numbers 20–49.
    • Offensive guards and tackles wear numbers 60–79.
    • Wide receivers can wear numbers 10–19 or80–89.
    • Tight ends also can wear numbers 80–89.
  • Today, the Wikipedia article continues, players wear special protective equipment that protects their heads, shoulders, knee pads and other clothing that early players did not wear.

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