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Custom Logo BackpacksWould you like to support your players with custom team backpacks in Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, DC or the surrounding areas?

From high school sports to recreational teams, every single athlete has to transport their uniform and gear to practice and games. That might be a duffel bag, or it might be the closest plastic bag they could find.

Wouldn’t your team look fierce showing up to the game or match decked out in custom team gear? It gives the impression that you take the game seriously even when you’re having fun!

Keep reading to learn how you can outfit your athletes with custom backpacks that reinforce team spirit and keep everyone organized!

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Get the Custom Gear Your Team Wants!

Let’s be honest, backpacks are something everyone on your team could really use. Not only does custom gear create a sense of unity and team spirit, it keeps players and their equipment organized.

Football, basketball and soccer players aren’t the only ones in need of reliable bags for travel and transport. Add personal touches to your custom team backpacks by tailoring to your taste:

  • Overall Color: Don’t feel obligated to stick with generic black backpacks. Choose a team color that will really catch attention and turn heads when you arrive on the field. Selecting a distinctive color also makes it easier to identify your team.
  • Custom Logo: Make the most of your backpacks by adding your team’s custom logo. When players wear their bags off the court, they create awareness and attract fans. No need to worry if your team doesn’t have a custom logo, our design team is happy to help create one!
  • Player Names: Taking the extra effort to have player names and numbers placed on backpacks will really make your team smile. They’ll already be ecstatic to have custom team bags, but adding this personal touch really makes them feel like a part of the team!

With the frequent use and wear that backpacks endure, it’s important to choose a quality product. We offer premium brands, some of which are specifically built for athletic use. Choose from brands like:

Using Your Backpack for More than Uniforms

The most basic backpacks are designed with multiple compartments, allowing the user to organize belongings as they see fit. But you can do so much more with a backpack!

Athletes are typically on the go. High school and college students need to be prepared for classes, clubs, practice and games. Working a full-time job doesn’t stop thousands of adults from joining teams either.

Keep your team prepared all day with some of these great features that you may not have thought of:

  • Insulated Pockets: Keep drinks and food properly chilled with an insulated area of the bag. To store meals, choose a backpack with an insulated lunch box compartment on the bottom.
  • Hydration Packs: To promote healthy hydration, vital for athletes, choose our backpacks with built-in hydration packs. While players are wearing their backpacks, they can drink water from an interior pouch for easy hydration access.
  • Laptop Sleeve: Students and players in the workforce may need to keep their laptop with them when on the go. These padded sleeves add more protection for technology while giving players easy access to their laptop.

Can you think of something else your team might need? Let us know and we can source the perfect backpack for your team!

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