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Looking for square envelopes or other custom size envelopes in the Annapolis, Maryland, Columbia, Baltimore, or D.C. area? You’ve found them!

Keep reading to view envelope sizes available for purchase!

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Always Have The Envelope You Need

Okay, so no one really thinks about envelopes.

It’s an often overlooked office supply.

However, have you ever been stuck looking for a specific envelope (maybe a padded one, for example) and you just didn’t have it?

That doesn’t need to happen anymore!  Take a glance at some available for purchase.

Square Envelopes –

These are your standard, traditional envelopes.

They’re good for cards, regular letters, and everyday, more casual mailings.

square envelope
Window Envelopes –

Perfect for a more professional, polished look and a bit of a time saver.

Don’t worry about printing extra labels or handwriting addresses anymore.

Just type the send address on the letter itself, fold properly, and stick it in a window envelope.

The address shows right through the window.

window envelopes
Business Envelopes –

Great for legal documents or anything on a company letterhead.

These can be made for you, with your return address and business logo printed right on the envelope, once again saving you time and money.

This is also an option for square envelopes, and most other envelope sizes.

Business Envelopes
Padded Envelopes –

When you want to protect the documents you’re mailing.

Examples include photos, CDs, and even thumb drives. Don’t get caught without them!

padded envelopes

Where Should I Go For Custom Size Envelopes?

While we have even more envelope sizes and types to choose from, and even packing material, those are the basics.

So, if you’re in the Annapolis, Maryland, Columbia, Baltimore, or D.C. area and you need envelopes, the best place to go is Chesapeake Business.

Just read what some of our happy customers have said about our work…

“I currently run a graphic design firm and for the past 5 years I have been thrown from printer to printer.

Until I found Chesapeake Business! They knew exactly what I wanted, and they were able to help me save money by finding similar colors to design.

I felt at home when working with the company. I highly recommend them to anybody!

Thank you Chesapeake Business for stopping my search!”

Gill Gibbons
Columbia, MD

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