Protect Employees with Custom Logo Hard Hats
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Custom Logo Hard HatAre you looking for custom logo hard hats in Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, DC, Virginia or the surrounding areas?

Construction safety is vital and usually requires workers to wear hard hats while on the job. Custom construction hard hats promote your business in action, so advertise your company while employees work.

Continue reading to learn how your branded custom logo hard hats can promote your business every workday.

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Personalized Hard Hats that Last!

When it comes to construction work wear, quality is just as important as looks. We understand how important it is to keep your employees safe, so we choose manufacturers that deliver quality and safety features.

With custom construction hard hats, you create a sense of teamwork and professionalism on the work site.

Providing your employees with their own branded hard hat will create a uniformed image. Your workers will look and feel like a team when everyone is sporting the same gear. Those who walk or drive by your work sites will also take note that everyone is outfitted with the same personalized hard hat.

Take advantage of every opportunity to promote your business. Electricians, contractors, and construction workers will remind clients of your business every minute on the job.

Designing Your Custom Logo Hard Hats

Options are endless when it comes to designing your hard hats.

Choose from practically any color for the bulk of the hat: orange, yellow, black, blue, red, etc. Pick a reflective color for cautionary work, or select one of your company colors. But it doesn’t end there!

Hard hats can be printed with your custom logo, serving as a walking advertisement for your business. Include your tag line or running promotions on hard hats to catch attention.

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Placing a Hard Hat Order

We understand that every business ranges in size, so our order quantities have no minimum. If you need 10 hats or 200, we’re here to fulfill the individual needs of your corporation.

Chesapeake Business will work with you to guarantee a product that satisfies your company. If you don’t have a logo, we can help you design one. Not sure where to put the corporate phone number? We can help!

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If you don’t have a corporate logo, we can help you design one. Give us a call today to start designing custom work wear that promotes your business!


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