Now You Can Carry It All with Custom Duffel Bags Maryland | Baltimore | DC | Annapolis | Columbia

Custom Duffel BagsWould you love to design your own custom duffel bags in Maryland, Baltimore, DC, Annapolis, Columbia or the surrounding areas?

An easy and reliable storage option for those on the go, duffel bags are a great way to keep your team close to everything they need. Perfect for businesses, sports teams and organizations, personalized duffel bags reward and support your team!

Ordering custom apparel and gear with Chesapeake Business is easy and fun! With no order minimum, you control cost by only ordering what you really need.

Keep reading to learn why duffel bags are a great universal gift and how you can customize them to promote your organization or team every day!

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Universal Use of Duffel Bags

Instead of thinking about who in your office could use a duffel bag, can you really think of anyone who couldn’t use one?


Any apparel or gear branded with your corporate logo is an opportunity to advertise your business. Providing your office with a duffel bag, even if just customized with a custom logo, allows your employees to expose you to new potential customers every day.

Do many of your employees use a local, or even on location gym? Having a personalized duffel bag to carry workout gear not only promotes healthy lifestyles, it’s a great conversation starter for networking!

More specifically, travel duffel bags are great for workers that spend many days a year on the go. Acting as the perfect carry on bag, employees have easy access to everything needed while in transport!

Sports Teams

Athletes are your team’s biggest fans, and they are typically the best brand ambassadors. When traveling to practice and games, athletic duffel bags make it easy to stay organized.

High school sports players need to bring gear to school every time they have practice or a game. Provide your players with a tool to promote team spirit while keeping sports equipment separate from schoolbooks.


Members of almost every organization are constantly seeking others who share the same interests. That’s why they joined your organization in the first place, right? Why not take this opportunity to let people know about your group!

Duffel bags can be used for any purpose: workouts, transporting organization materials, or even travel. Each time your custom duffel bags make a public appearance, you have the opportunity to attract new members!

How to Customize Your Duffel Bags

Customizing duffel bags is fun and easy, and we can really turn any of your ideas into reality! Your customization options are far from slim, and we want to help you create something that truly reflects your organization.

Our duffel bag selection is available in a wide array of colors, and the same is true for embroidery and text colors. Choose a style that reflects the needs of your team: separate compartments for sports teams, minimal outside pockets for frequent travelers, or even insulated pockets for keeping beverages cool.

The most common addition to our branded corporate apparel is a custom logo. We can have your corporate logo applied in any size, shape and color to any part of the duffel bag. If your organization doesn’t have a custom logo, our design team is happy to help you create one!

Looking to personalize even more? Have the names of your employees or members embroidered as well! Sports teams typically have player numbers added, making it easy to identify one bag from another. Regardless of your design plans, we’re ready to make it happen!

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