Elegant Custom Crystal Corporate Awards
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Are you looking for elegant custom crystal corporate awards in Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, or DC?

If you’re company doesn’t have an award system in place—you’re missing an easy way to build team morale and performance at a low cost.

Keep reading to learn how custom crystal awards can effectively motivate your team to boost productivity. Also, we’ll reveal one of our promotional secrets that can dramatically increase brand awareness for your business.

Motivate Your Team to Perform

It’s no secret that recognition is a driving motivator for employees in most businesses around the world. The right employee recognition awards not only justify an employee’s efforts, they can also motivate teammates to strive for the same achievement.

However, you have to make sure that the award demonstrates your respect and gratitude for the employee, and isn’t just a cheap token item purchased to fulfill an HR request. The quality of the award you select will directly impact how excited your star employee is to receive it.

This is why we recommend presenting high-quality custom crystal corporate awards to key employees that inspire your entire team. The beauty and class embodied in crystal trophies and crystal plaques, sends a direct message to your team—hard work gets rewarded.

Whether you’re looking for employee service awards or employee production awards, make sure the reward directly reflects how important the recipient is to your team.

Customize a crystal award to show employee appreciation, and watch your employees work harder to compete for it.

***Discover Our Promotional Secret***

Want to know a secret strategy to build brand awareness, authority and reputation with one simple giveaway?

Award a local business in your area that isn’t a competitor but shares potential clients.

Consider the following example: You own a kitchen remodeling company called Kitchen King Remodeling, but you’re having trouble finding more customers. Your struggling to gather funds for advertising, and your business is sinking fast.

What can you do?

Contact a local roofing company and let them know they’ve won your annual award for best contractor that isn’t Kitchen King Remodeling. Present them with a beautiful custom glass or crystal award from Kitchen King Remodeling, and watch what happens next.

Your award (which is engraved “Kitchen King Remodeling’s Top Contractor of 2012”) will be proudly displayed in the roofing contractor’s showroom or office for all to see. People who see it will assume your brand name is authoritative and reputable, because only authoritative and reputable companies present awards.

And when it comes time for a kitchen remodel, they’ll remember that award and turn to you. Additionally, anytime the roofing contractor overhears people talking about needing a new kitchen, he or she will send them your way.

Congratulations, you just boosted your brand’s reputation and authority, generated a new lead source, and spent less than $100.

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Our sales representatives will gladly answer any of your questions and help you find the perfect crystal awards for your business. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to reveal some more of our promotional secrets. Chesapeake Business has been helping businesses with out-promote the competition since 1988.

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