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A new custom cheerleading uniform is the perfect way to put some extra pep in your step!

Whether you need a cheerleading uniform for high school cheerleading or your toddler wants to start her cheer career early, a customized cheerleading uniform is exactly what you’re looking for.

No matter what your team colors are, you can get a custom cheerleading uniform made in any style, size, and design you want! You can have the most stylish cheer squad in the Maryland, Virginia, or any other state!

Keep reading if you want to learn more about your merchandise options for customizing a new cheerleading uniform for your team or the special cheerleader in your life.

Raise A Cheerleader’s Spirits

Whether your athletes participate in competitive cheerleading or they cheer for a football or basketball team, they’re constantly trying to encourage an audience to smile and cheer right along with them.

Rest assured, with a new custom cheerleading uniform they’ll be smiling a lot bigger and cheering a lot louder as they win the audience over and encourage the team towards a victory.

With your new custom uniform in any color or style, your team will GO, FIGHT, and WIN as you look super stylish cheering them on.

And don’t forget, if you get a new custom cheerleading uniform, you’ll probably want new pom-poms to match and maybe even a hair ribbon or two!

Rah-Rah-Ready To Find Your Cheerleading Apparel?

If you’re ready to place an order for your new custom cheerleading uniforms, and maybe even the stylish matching accessories, then there’s no reason not to order with one of the most popular custom sporting apparel providers on the East Coast.

At Chesapeake Business, we can customize your cheerleading uniform and accessories in a variety of fashionable styles and colors at very affordable prices.

Take a look at some of the options available to you for personalized cheerleading uniforms and accessories below and decide how you would like to customize them to make them your own. All of the options we offer are available in youth and adult sizes.

Cheerleading Uniform Shells


Custom Cheerleading Shell

Shout Cheer Shell With Trim & Contrasting Side Panels

Custom Cheerleading Shell

Spirit Cheer Shell With 3 Stripe Trim

Custom Cheerleading Shell

Scorpion Cheer Shell With 5 Stripe Trim


Custom Cheer Skirt

Poise Cheer Skirt

Custom Cheerleading Skirt

2 Color A-Line Cheer Skirt With Trim

Custom Cheerleading Skirt

Box Pleat Cheer Skirt

Camp Wear

Cheer Camp Shirt

Success Cheer Camp Shirt

Cheer Camp Shirt

Energy Cheer Camp Shirt

Cheer Camp Short

Cheer Camp Short



Boy Cut Cheer Brief

Boy Cut Cheer Brief

Cheer Brief

Cheer Brief

Cheer Bow

3-Layer Cheer Bow

Streamer Cheer Bow

Streamer Cheer Bow

Cheer Pom Poms

Cheer Pom Pons

Metallic Cheer Pom Poms

Metallic Cheer Pom Pons

These are just some, but not all, of the options available to you for custom cheerleading uniforms. For more information and more options, please get in touch with us!

You’ll be hard pressed to find such a wide range of options when it comes to outfits from any other cheerleading stores in Maryland!

Our contact information is below, or you can take advantage of our live chat at the top, right hand side of your screen.

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We have been helping teams and companies in Baltimore, Columbia, DC, and other cities in Maryland, Virginia, and all around the country for over 20 years by providing a place to purchase high quality embroidered apparel, at a low price.

With us handling your needs, whether your girls cheer on basketball, football, or any other sport your can think of, you won’t ever have to wonder where to buy cheerleading supplies online again!

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