Christmas Gifts for Employees

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Are you searching for Christmas gifts for employees in the Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia or Washington, DC area?

Give your company something to smile about with unique gift ideas that will bring out the most holiday cheer.

Here at Chesapeake Business Solutions, we offer a wide variety of items that can infuse the holiday spirit in the office.

Continue reading to discover some great holiday gift ideas for your employees, customers, and clients.

Unique Holiday Gifts for Employees

Gather some ideas with the unique presents from the list below so you can be sure your employees receive something they’ll always remember.

  • Is your company’s future so bright, everyone should be wearing shades? Then why not give each employee sunglasses!? They may not be your “traditional” types of Christmas gifts for employees but, when bought in bulk, sunglasses are distinctive, unforgettable and inexpensive gift good for everyone on your list. In fact, they’re so unique (sunglasses in December!) that your employees will be talking about them for months – if not years – to come.
  • Did you just pitch a new client – and win the business? Why not lob customized baseballs at your sales, marketing and fulfillment teams?
  • Customizable laptop or tote bags are another great personalized corporate gift for your workers could be Not only could you place your company name or logo on them, Chesapeake Business Solutions can also personalize each bag with individual employee’s name. Buy the bags in bulk and you’ll have purchased affordable employer gifts to all your employees.
  • Other types of memorable Christmas gifts for employees are alarm clocks. These even could be a bit of a “gag” gift, especially if you’re in the midst of a new product push (time is of the essence)! You can personalize the clocks with your company’s name/logo, or with a slogan or reminder about a deadline. We carry all types of clocks, from travel, home, LED, radio, and more.

Plenty of Small Gifts for Employees

As Winter approaches, warm your workers heads, torsos and even lips with beanies, jackets and lip balm. We have different flavored lip balms. As for the jackets, you’re able to purchase both leather and fleece jackets wholesale.

Are your employees the sporty kind, with a real team spirit? Why not purchase soccer balls with your company logo imprinted upon them?

How to Choose Your Employee Holiday Gift List

It’s fun to decide on what you’ll give as Christmas gifts for employees in Baltimore. But it also can be a bit tricky. If you’re going to give the same thing to everyone you’ll probably want to make the gift relatively small and certainly inexpensive.

So how can you decide? First, look at your firm’s or department’s culture. Is your company fun-loving? Conservative? Do your employees put in a lot of over-time, or are they mostly part-time workers? Knowing the “personality” of your employee roster can help you choose the right type of gift.

You know your company best. Come to us with your ideas and we’ll be happy accommodate you.

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