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Do you need to buy tax forms for your business in the Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia or Washington, DC-area?

Here at Chesapeake Business Solutions, we can provide your company with the forms you need at prices you want.

Take a look below regarding what types of business tax forms your business may be looking for and when you’ll need them.


Different Types of Federal Business Tax Forms

The forms you’ll need depend on what type of business you run (sole proprietor, LLC, corporation, etc.)

For example, a sole proprietor will need, the 1099-MISC (to send to subcontractors to whom you paid more than $600 in a tax year), Schedule C and Schedule SE.

Someone who has formed a limited liability corporation (LLC) will be looking for forms for an LLC, naturally.

If you’ve incorporated your business and have hired employees, you’ll need plenty of tax forms 941, the Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return. You’ll need to buy tax forms such as these to report:

  • employment taxes;
  • the amounts you withheld from employees’ paychecks;
  • your taxable Social Security and Medicare wages for the period;
  • a calculation of the total in Social Security and Medicare wages;
  • adjustments for sick pay, tips, group-term life amounts, and more; and
  • deposit amounts.

If you have employees, you’ll also need to have plenty of tax forms W-4 handy – your employees will be filling these out as they calculate how much tax withholding they’ll ask you to deduct from their paycheck.

You’ll also want to have several copies of tax forms W-9. You’ll be using this form to request the taxpayer identification number (usually a Social Security Number) from any independent contractors and consultants you hire.

Buy Tax Forms in Maryland From an Experienced Supplier

We’ve been producing legal forms and invoice forms for companies for more than 20 years, providing businesses with high quality products. Our many customers trust us for our forms’ accuracy and our revolutionary SDO system, which can help you refill supplies faster and more efficiently.

Whether you need blank tax forms, W-9, W-4, 1099, or any other type of federal tax form, Chesapeake Business Solutions offers the best in bulk tax forms in Maryland.

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