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E-mail, text messages and tweets may be ruling the day-to-day world, but when it comes to sending Christmas wishes, nothing beats holiday cards for business in Annapolis, Baltimore and Columbia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

There’s just something about receiving a beautiful holiday card that evokes feelings of general goodwill during the holidays.

So if you’re thinking show employees, clients, and prospect that you’re thinking about them and send corporate holiday cards that will put your company on their mind and give them warm holiday wishes.

Read more below about how the different types of holiday cards for business can help your company showcase it’s more personal side.

Business Holiday Cards and More

Many businesses will be sending out holiday cards in 2011 to current, past and potential clients. They’re usually elegant or professional in tone. Many businesses will have their company’s name or logo imprinted on the cards.

Wise company leaders or salespeople will frequently add a handwritten note specific to the client. Doing so can go a long way to adding that all-important personal touch.

Holiday cards for charity fundraising also can be a lovely touch when sent to past donors, particularly if there’s some information inside about how the donor’s gift contributed to the non-profit’s good works.

Find the Right Holiday Cards Online

Sending printed holiday cards for business through the mail is a very heartfelt gesture for both the recipient and sender. You can find countless online holiday cards that are humorous in nature, while others are quite sentimental and/or religious. What truly makes these cards stand out, however, is the fact that many come accompanied by Christmas carols or other music and/or songs.

To help you purchase the holiday cards for business in Columbia that best fit your budget and taste, follow these tips below:

  1. Unless your sending cards to just a handful of clients or people, it’s probably wisest to purchase holiday cards for employees and customers through Business-to-Business firms who specialize in corporate holiday cards.
  2. Order several types of cards that can be given to recipient’s based on their personality.
  3. In addition, you often can save a considerable amount of money when you purchase holiday cards for charity, business, your employees, etc. because many suppliers of holiday cards can mail the cards for you. All you need do is supply the mailing list.

Buy Your Holiday Cards Now

Here at Chesapeake Business Solutions, we’ve been helping companies get the supplies they need to keep their business moving forward and ahead of the competition.

Give a call at (800) 783-6769 so that we may discuss the style of card you’re looking for. We’ll also want to learn how many addresses are on your list so that we’ll have a better idea of your budget for printing and mailing.

And, don’t forget, we have many great corporate holiday gifts for your clients past, current and future!

Contact us today – the holidays are just around the corner!

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