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Are you in the market for box pocket presentation folders in the Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Maryland, or D.C. area?

Then look no further!

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Folders for All of Your Business Needs

We have the largest selection of business folders in the Chesapeake region, so take a look at ours today.

The use of a well maintained file folder system can really keep you on track. Take a look at some of the options we offer for business folders.

Box Pocket Presentation Folders – When making a presentation using several documents, folders can make a better impression that just stapling everything together. Of course, you’ll also want to use a professional looking folder as well.

Hanging Folders – These are your basic folders used in filing cabinets. Don’t forget them! They’re often overlooked. However, you need the hanging folders – it’s what the tabbed folders go in.

Presentation Folders – Same as the box pocket presentation folders, only these can come without the pocket.

Smead Folders – One of the most popular brands in file folders. Great for the tabbed, manila folders that are used everyday in your hanging file folders. For storing files, you want a folder that can hold it’s shape for years and not tear. Smead folders are extremely durable.

Fastener Folders – These are folders that allow you to fasten the documents themselves onto the folder, usually using a double hole punch. Of course, there are other varieties. It sure makes finding the exact document a little easier.

An Organized Office Is A Productive Office

When you use designated folders for documents, you can always find the file you’re looking for.

You can make it fun by using color not just for decorative purposes, but also for organization.

For example, you could use only blue hanging folders for one year, and red for another.

It makes taking the correct folders out for storage a whole lot easier.

You can even color coordinate your tabbed folders within that. Say, yellow for tax records, red for payroll, and green for invoices.

It’s completely up to you. Have fun with it, and make paperwork a little less tedious.

Get your box pocket presentation folders in the Columbia, Baltimore, Annapolis, Maryland, and D.C. area from Chesapeake Business.

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