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Are you looking for affordable acrylic awards and plaques in Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia or DC?

Chesapeake Business allows you to customize high-quality acrylic awards at bargain prices. Take advantage of even better bulk pricing for larger orders. No minimum order!

Keep reading to learn why acrylic awards and plaques are our secret to finding inexpensive employee recognition solutions that still look elegant and classy.

The Appearance Of Crystal At A Fraction Of The Cost

Crystal corporate awards are a standard in businesses across the world. However, with recent advancements in material production and engraving techniques, acrylic awards are beginning to challenge that standard.

While acrylic awards can’t completely mimic the sparkle of crystal, they get pretty close and at a fraction of the price. Acrylic surfaces are “crystal clear”, and creative designs can create beautiful reflections like glass.

Additionally, acrylic is far more durable than crystal or glass and won’t break, scratch or chip. This makes acrylic ideal for paperweight style awards that receive frequent use.

Choose From A Huge Variety of Custom Colors & Shapes

Because it’s easier to mold and form acrylic than glass, you can find more uniquely shaped awards in acrylic than any other material.

From distinctive colors to fun and inventive shapes, acrylic awards offer nearly unlimited design possibilities so you can personalize each award to best represent the recipient.

Awarding your top employees with meaningful acrylic plaques or trophies can motivate all of your employees to strive for the very same recognition. One of the greatest ways to keep your employees performing at the highest level is to recognize and compliment their superior performance.

Click here to learn why an inexpensive, but thoughtful award can mean more than an expensive generic award.

Order In Bulk to Save Even More

If you need to order more than 6 awards, you’ll be able to save with special bulk pricing options. The more you order, the more you’ll save!

In fact, you’ll be able to save so much that you can start giving away customized acrylic trophies and awards to top clients and customers as promotions. Awards are one of the best ways to promote your brand because recipients are always incredibly proud to talk about why they received them and where they came from.

Giving the right awards to the right people can create a new lead source for your company for years to come.

Order Custom Acrylic Awards & Plaques Online Today!

If you want to save money on custom laser-engraved acrylic awards, or if you have any questions, call (800) 783-6769 today! Or click here to contact us online. No minimum order!

Chesapeake Business has been helping Maryland and DC area businesses with innovative and effective promotional solutions since 1988. Contact us today to learn some more of our secrets for promoting and improving your business with acrylic awards and personalized plaques.

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